Monday, May 30, 2011


Last post I had just returned from my first quilt retreat. It was quite successful as I took many WIP and got 7 done. I came home with 3 that needed borders added and the rest ready for backings to be found and pieced and then on to quilting them.
Sew . . .
here they are.

I will add pics of the 3 I added borders to and the one that I've finished quilting and binding later this week after photos.

From top: Two+2 by Colleen Blackwood in Pure by Sweetwater, the next from a magazine can't find done in a collected variety of fishing fabrics for My Favorite Guy, Hip Baby done in all blues, there are two tops similar as they are for twin boys, another from magazine done in Bliss by Camille Roskelley, Box Lunch by Sweetwater in Giddy by Sandy Gervais (fun working with the twill tape), last and favorite of mine from these is Circles by Eddie Walker in Hideaway by Lauren and Jessi Jung (will look a little different in the next post as I found the extra block I was missing and took a row off the length and made one row wider instead)

Tally this week dropped off 7 quilt tops including 1 top quilted & bound, picked up 2 more on these later!!

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