Sunday, June 5, 2011


Finally getting back here to post pics of the quilts that I added borders to . . .

This one I actually got borders on and quilted, bound and washed!

I also got one of my new projects I started last week done, well at least the top is ready to quilt.

Last for today was quilting this top! Love how it turned out. Now I just need to get the binding on and wash it!

This week picked up 2 new projects!! Took a class with Eddie Walker and learned her 4-Patch Trip. I picked out this yummy stack of fabric . . .

. . . and started making these 4 patches!

This is how it looks so far, can't wait for class on Wednesday. Will start sewing rows together.

This was another variation of her pattern with using a black and white as a constant throughout. Was inspired to start another one so . . .

I started the process of picking out new fabrics again (my favorite part of quilting) and started with a Fresh Cottons jelly roll by Fig Tree.


  1. Nice!! You are getting a lot done! :) Lookin' good!!! I love your quilt made from bliss. :) like them all really....

  2. I love the last two quilts, what is the pattern called. Would love to make one.

    1. There isn't a pattern that I know of. We have a teacher that made it up. It's similar to the book "Tradition with a Twist"